How to Remove Locking Gas Cap Without Key

How to Remove Locking Gas Cap Without Key

Maybe you kept your keys for the locking gas cap somewhere thinking it’s safe and secure and now you cannot find where it is.

Or perhaps you were out with friends, and suddenly you need to fill up your vehicle with fuel which you didn’t anticipate. Whichever situation you’re in, you’re now looking at no keys but a very decidedly locked gas cap. Now the question is, what you will do?

With these circumstances, there are a few things you can now do, and in this article, we will show you how to remove locking gas caps without keys with different methods. 

Let’s dive in. 

How to Remove Locking Gas Cap without Key

Here are some effective methods that you can employ to unlock a gas cap without its key.

How to open a locked gas cap

Method 1: Try to Pick the Lock

If you’re in a rush and you don’t have the key, neither do you have the time to make a spare one, one of the fastest ways to remove your locked gas cap is picking the lock without destroying it.

The process may not be the simplest, and it may require some practice as well as the right kind of tools to get through it. But it’s the fastest if you have ever tried this kind of activity before.

Here, you need a small tool that’s made of metal for creating tension and another metal tool for picking. This step is quite simple. With the tension tool, you put the pressure on the locked cap while you deftly pick your way through the keyhole of the cap with the picking tool.

You should be twisting the picking tool around the keyhole until you can loosen the tension between the edges of the locked lid.

Keeping the size of the keyhole in mind, you can also achieve the following job with a key knife, pocket knife, bobby pins, or any other picking tools as long as they can fit inside the keyhole. Here the deftness matters more than what kind of appliances you’re choosing.

You can’t be rough or work on the keyhole too hard. Even though it provides the fastest result, it also is a process that should be carried out gently.

However, if you think that you’re not fit for this method or it’s not working for your lock, we can move on to the next one. Also, make sure while picking the lock, you do not ruin the automotive paint.

Method 2: Remove the Cap Entirely

This is the second trick if you’re not concerned about destroying your locked cap in the process. In this method, we will entirely remove the lid of the gas lock. This trick usually differs from which vehicle model we are working with, and it mostly doesn’t work on metal gas lock caps, only the plastic ones.

With this method, you don’t mostly need any special techniques or tools except sheer strength.

Only if your gas lock cap is screwed down, you will need any tools. Then the first step is unscrewing the screws before you go to prying. Make sure to keep the screws separately in order to not lose them for later purposes. If your gas cap doesn’t contain screws feel free to move on to the next step, which is prying.

Even though it’s not the fastest method and can permanently ruin your gas cap lock, it is your best bet if you are working with a broken lock in the first place.

Method 3: Drill Your Way Through

This third method is if you don’t plan on making a spare key, and you definitely plan on replacing the lock. It will yield the quickest result, but you should be very careful when conducting it out.

The tool you’ll need is only a ⅛ small drill machine. In the space where there’s a keyhole, drill through the metal but only as far as the key would go as any further down would drill through your gas tank, causing your gas to catch on fire.

After the drilling, you can use the minus/flat head screwdriver to turn the lock and unlock the gas cap. Obviously, at this point, your gas lock cap is beyond repair and you should buy another as soon as possible to replace it.

Method 4: Make a Spare Key

Obviously, it goes without saying that this method is the most logical solution if you have the time. This is quite an easy task, as long as you take the vehicle to the local locksmith who can produce the new key for you.

This will easily take out the gas cap without the necessity of any extra maneuver. However, this obviously will take a day or two and as well as some extra expenses depending on the area you’re living at. So, you should have the extra precaution to spend some extra cash.

However, it’s definitely less expensive than buying a replacement altogether but go for this route if you see that your gas lock cap is worth it. Otherwise, it’s an extra cost as the cap will break sooner or later again.

In the end, you may ask why do you need a locked gas cap anyway? Well, for starters, it’s a good alternative if you don’t have a fuel locking door, or you live in a high theft area, or you are going to buy a gas cap anyway, so why not a locked one.

It protects your fuel from not being messed with, and it also helps keep the cap secure when you’re driving your bike too fast. Overall, it gives you more benefits than a normal gas cap without there being a huge difference in price.

Final Words

The best solution is that you keep 2 keys in two different places to avoid such instances when you have a locked gas cap. If not, any of the methods we described is surely to work as long as you treat it with the precision and deftness it requires.

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