How to Remove Carpet From Under RV Slide Out

How to Remove Carpet From Under RV Slide Out?

No matter how diligently we try to keep our carpet clean after a certain season, dust and moisture build-up. If an old abandoned carpet stays on the floor for a long time, it can be dangerous for the RV floors. So, removing or replacing the carpet becomes essential.

Removing a carpet from RV slide out is difficult, as it can damage the RV floor from beneath.

So here, we have designed this article to give a proper guide on how to remove carpet from under RV slide out.

Find A Quick Way To Remove Carpet From Under RV Slide Out

Very few of us have little experience with RV flooring, things can go wrong in many ways. So, following a step-by-step guide will make things easier. 

1. Arrange All the Pieces of Equipment

First, take proper preparation for carpet removal. You are going to need some equipment while working. Make sure to arrange them before starting.

  • Utility blade
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Gloves
  • Nail puller
  • Dust Bag

2. Cut Carpet’s Edge 

The easiest way to remove carpet is to cut the edge. You should use a utility knife to cut slowly and then move on to the middle. Many RVs come with paddings underneath their carpets, so it is important not to cut these paddings.

3. Pull the Carpet and Sweep Off Glue

While cutting, always pull the carpet upwards. Give a good effort while pulling it, as it might be glued to the ground. Take the glue off the carpet. Continue pulling the remaining parts as before.

No matter what materials the floor is made of, if you can’t handle the blade carefully, there are extensive possibilities of cutting your finger, other site there is a chance of floor damage. Don’t put too much pressure. Pressure can cause the blade hitting on the floor.

So it will be a good idea to maintaining distances between the blade and the floor as much as possible.

Important note: A glove for your safety before cutting the edge. Just to remain on the safe side

4. Remove Staples and Screws

After removing all the carpet there are still some parts left around right? because this was tucked into the slide using staples and screws. However, you have to give flawless effort. Detaching enormous numbers of staples and screws is tedious work.

A nail puller works amazingly while removing staples. To remove the screws, a normal screwdriver will do the job.

And that’s how every bit and part will come out. Now placing a new carpet is easy. 

5. Clean Up the Floor

We can expect you have successfully removed the carpet. But that’s not the end after replacing the carpet you have to clean the floor.

Carpet may be leftover there for a long time, so the floor must get moisture on it, and over that place, you may see the mark. Apply a cleaning cloth or mop the floor.

Lastly, check again, use a dust bag to gather all the bits and parts, discarded them in a safe place like a trash holder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do RV Slides Have a Carpet?

Answer: RV slides have carpet mainly for three reasons. It is less expensive, weighs less than laminates & tiles, to stop the slide from dragging the main floor.

2. How Do I Protect My RV Carpet?

Answer: Use a doormat at the entry door to prevent dust from getting in with shoes. Also, there are carpet protectors available that can save it from being damaged.

3. How Do I Know If My RV Floor Has Water Damage?

Answer: If the floor has water damage, you can know it by the smell. It will have a damp smell all over the room. Also, look if there are any noticeable water spots. As these are easily visible spots, you can easily find them if there’s any damage.

Final Thoughts

Removing old carpets is a discerning decision.

Since you know how to remove carpets from under RV slide out, you can now go on removing them without worrying about any gloom-ridden outcome!

Enjoy the work!

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