How to Paint Tire Letters

How to Paint Tire Letters – Explained!

Painting tire letters can do wonders in giving your car wheels a customized and beautiful outlook. We need to paint tire letters when the old paint fades away, or the letters strip off.

Taking a painting service can get your job done but will cost you a lot. In comparison, DIY tire lettering gives you an outstanding result while saving you a lot of bucks. This easy-to-do job may take some time, but it’s definitely worth your time.

By following our guidelines, anyone can do this paint job at home. So in this article, we’ve given a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to paint tire letters.

How to Paint Tire Letters – The Step by Step Process 

Step 1: Items That You Need

First, arrange all the equipment’s mentioned below:

  1. Oil-based paint marker/pen
  2. Paint cleaner(alcohol or elbow grease)
  3. Sandpaper
  4. sponge

Step 2: Remove the Tires & Clean Them

Remove the tires for better control while painting. Cleaning and painting become easier if you remove them. This one is not a necessary step to do, and you still can do your job perfectly without removing them.

Give a good cleaning to the tires. Don’t paint over dust. Take your time in this step.

Use water mixed with soap. Use a cleaning cloth or sponge for rubbing. After washing, let it dry for some time. Doing that will definitely remove all the dust. If old paint remains visible on tires, use elbow grease to clean them off completely.

Step 3: Use a Sandpaper/Brush

The tire body can get a bit rusty over time. So before painting, doing a little sanding over the letters with fine-grit sandpaper is a good idea. It also makes sure the paint sticks better on the tire body.

Use a fine grit like 220-320 for this job. Gently rub the sandpaper, as putting much pressure can damage the tires.

Now, this one is optional. You can also use a brush for scuffing. This will also do the same job.

Step 4: Choose a Painting Method

There are many popular ways people paint tire letters. Using a pencil brush with oil-based paint like rust oleum can give a good result. Spray paint tire letters is another popular way of tire letter painting. Or you can use sharpie oil-based paint markers on tires.

We recommend using a tire paint pen or a marker, as it gives a more efficient result. An oil-based paint pen does wonder in this case.

Which Type of Color Should You Choose?

Before you start, find what kind of color is suitable for tires and also check that they stick on tires firmly or not. Imagine doing all that work to fade away the coloring after a few days. Oil-based paints or Acrylic paints are best suited for tires. Please don’t go for water-based ones as they are not durable. Choose any color you want. White color is the most common one used for this job.

Step 5: Start Painting

Take your pen, shake it firmly for proper ink circulation and press it hard with fingers. To check if the pen is working, test it on another surface. Start painting from outlines of the letters.
Carefully paint the outlines using the tip of the pen. Then come to the center part. Now easily paint the center because you have painted the outline surface.
Use at least two coats of paint for cleaner-looking letters & a durable result. Using one skin may end up peeled off soon. Make sure you apply slight pressure on the pen when using more than one coat.

Step 6: Finish Off

Sometimes by mistakes or shakes, paint can sprinkle outside. So, in the end, it’s time to clean up the mess. Use elbow grease or rub alcohol to remove those extra paint.
After following all the steps, you are close ahead to the DIY white letter tires.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) 

1. Do Tire Paint Pens Work?

Answer: Tire paint pens work fine when using for tire lettering. Its small tip gives precision to the job. Although painting takes time if using a pen, it certainly gives a proper outcome.

2. How Do you Cover White Letters on Tires?

Answer: Peel those raised white letters off with a blade. Or there are black colors available at automotive stores, which are used for covering letters on tires.

3. Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Tires?

Answer: Yes, Acrylic paints work great on rubber tires. They last for a long time. They are very popular when it comes to tire painting.

4. Will Spray Paint Damage Tires?

Answer: No. If done properly, there is not any risk of tire damage. So, how to do it properly? Well, Don’t overdo while spraying. Stick exactly where you want to paint. Don’t spread in sideways.

Final Thought

DIY Jobs are fun if done properly. Painting tire letters is an easy task, a little time-consuming job. With a little patience and focus, anyone can do it like a pro! Doing it on your own is also a cost-effective process.

So, follow our guidelines properly & enjoy your work!

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