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8 Best Antifreeze Coolant for Ford 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Engines generate loads of heat. And coolant, which is a mixture of different types of antifreeze and water, plays a crucial role in regulating the overall temperature of the engine.

However, not all of the coolants are made equal. Some are better at keeping the engine at its optimal temperature, while most offer pretty average performance. And we were a victim of those average coolants.

That is when we went on a hunt for the best antifreeze coolant for Ford 150. And the number of options really made it more complicated than it should be. But the good news is that you will not have to worry about that because we will make the choosing process a piece of cake for you!

What Coolant Does Ford F150 Use?

The Ford recommended coolant is the orange coolant that goes under the quality testing of Ford. Additionally, the brand recommends Motorcraft antifreeze coolant for Ford F150. However, it does not mean that the other aftermarket coolants will not be compatible with the vehicle.

Any antifreeze that matches the Ford Mustang coolant type or has the same specifications will be ideal for the vehicle. So, instead of looking for a specific antifreeze for Ford F150, look for the coolant’s specifications and quality testing remarks. And that goes for the color of the antifreeze as well.

Top 8 Best Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F150, F250, Mustang, Ranger and Others Reviews

While trying to get a good-performance coolant, we have stumbled upon plenty of options. And not all of them offered up to the mark performance in maintaining the optimal engine’s temperature. However, after loads of testing and researching, we managed to find the ones worthy of getting. They are:

1. Genuine Ford Fluid VC-7-B

The 2010 F150 coolant color is orange, and the case is the same for most other models. However, Motorcraft is offering a yellow antifreeze that goes hand in hand in terms of specifications suggested by the OEM. So, let us not waste any more of your time and start talking about what it can actually offer, shall we?

As we mentioned, the coolant has a yellow color. The color is like that because it is based on ethylene glycol. And due to utilizing that base, it achieves an exceptionally long life, making it a great pick for the best antifreeze for Ford F150 and other models.

Furthermore, the coolant is compatible with vehicles that utilize gasoline and diesel engines. Also, as it comes in a pre-diluted form, you will not even have to go through the hassles of mixing it.

In addition to that, this coolant provides an all-year-round anti-freezing performance. It can even adequately protect the crucial parts from corroding. And both the boiling and freezing point of the antifreeze is exceptionally high. So, it will not vaporize or freeze up that quickly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a long life
  • Based on ethylene glycol
  • Protects the parts from corrosion
  • Boiling point is high
  • Comes pre-diluted

2. Zerex G05 Phosphate Free

The manufacturer Zerex is well-known for offering stellar antifreeze in the market. That is why when it comes to getting the best coolant for Ford Fiesta, people keep their options on the go-to list. And we will discuss why in this review.

Like the previous coolant, this one is also designed for both diesel and gasoline engines. That means it will not be ideal for fiesta only, but it is an ideal pick as a Ford ranger coolant and other models. And as it contains high-quality defoamer, there will be no need to worry about plastics or hoses getting damaged.

This coolant also contains nitrites. That protects the liners of the diesel engine from cavitation. So, over time, you would need to spend considerably less amount of money on maintenance. Also, it contains deposit control additives that will protect the parts from hard water scales and deposits.

On that note, this coolant for Ford F150 EcoBoost and other models does not contain a higher amount of silicate. Instead, it integrates phosphate-free technology, which will protect the components from corrosion and rust.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works on both diesel and gasoline engines
  • Has a lower amount of silicate
  • Protects the parts from corrosion
  • Can control the deposits
  • Uses a high-quality defoamer system

3. MaxLife Valvoline Multi-Vehicle

While looking for the best coolant for Ford F250 or F150, you might want to opt for something that assures a higher overall mileage. In that case, take a look at what MaxLife is offering here.

As the label states, it is compatible with multiple vehicles. That means it matches the 2014 Ford F150 coolant type and other types of coolants. Also, it contains bittering agents, which is 30 to 50 ppm of denatonium benzoate. Those will ensure that the lifespan of the coolant is exceptionally high.

It contains Alugard plus, which is a special additive that makes the coolant provide maximum overall protection. The special additive will also ensure that the overall mileage of the vehicle sees an improvement. Also, it lubricates the seals and gaskets.

The coolant even matches the specifications of the 2013 ford F150 coolant type, and it would be possible to mix it with any of the coolant colors. Also, it has a comparatively higher boiling and freezing point.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contains special additives
  • Can lubricate seals and gaskets
  • Has bittering agents
  • Lasts for an extended amount of time
  • Capable of increasing the mileage

4. Genuine Ford Fluid VC-7DIL-B

People usually opt for pre-diluted ones when looking for a perfect coolant that matches the 2012 Ford F150 coolant type. And this one from Genuine is a great pick in that regard.

To start with, this one comes pre-diluted. That means you will not have to go through the hassles of mixing it up with water to use it. And even though it is yellow in color, it matches the 2012 and 2010 Ford F150 coolant type. It even meets the specifications of the other model’s coolant.

The coolant is compatible with both diesel and gasoline engines. That eliminates the worries regarding compatibility. Also, it offers loads of protection. It can protect the engine parts from getting corroded and rusted over time. And it ensures the temperature is optimal all year round.

Even the boiling and freezing point of the coolant is reasonably high. So, you will not have to worry about any freeze-ups or coolant loss during extreme weather conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes pre-diluted
  • Keeps the temperature optimal
  • Provides protection from corrosion and rusts
  • Works on both diesel and gasoline engines
  • Has a higher boiling point

5. Mishimoto – MMRA-LC-5050F

On the lookout for something that can reduce the damages and wear inside the engine? Look no further because this offering from Mishimoto checks all the factors.

The first thing that makes it stand out is the freezing and boiling point. It has a boiling point of 265 degrees, while the freezing point is at -26 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to these two points, this coolant will stay fully optimal even in extreme weather conditions.

Due to the special formula of the coolant, it can efficiently inhibit the corrosion inside the engine. Also, it does a proper job of lowering the amount of wear among the parts. So, the engine will achieve a longer lifespan and will perform optimally for an extended amount of time.

Besides that, as the coolant comes in a pre-mixed form, you can use it directly. You will not need to mix anything to it. Also, it is compatible with all the radiators and with both gas and diesel engines.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a low freezing point
  • Boiling point is reasonably high
  • Inhibits corrosions
  • Reduces wear
  • Comes in a pre-mixed form

6. General Motors ACDelco DEX-Cool

Another manufacturer that is well-known for offering high-quality coolants is General Motors. And this offering that we are going to talk about can illustrate how good their offerings usually are.

First of all, this coolant has a comparatively higher lifespan. It can last for at least five years or for 15 thousand miles. So, after using this on your engine, you will not have to go through frequent coolant changes. Also, it can handle extreme temperature conditions exceptionally well.

Due to having a higher boiling point, it will not vaporize that easily either. That means you will not have to worry about coolant loss that much. Also, it can lower the damages and harmful element deposits inside the engine. That will enhance the overall lifespan of the engine substantially.

Additionally, it contains bittering agents. Those offer extra protection and reduce the amount of rust and corrosion inside the engine. Also, it matches and exceeds the OEM specifications.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a higher lifespan
  • Can handle extreme temperatures exceptionally well
  • Boiling point is pretty high
  • Lowers the number of harmful deposits
  • Integrates bittering agents

7. Genuine Ford Fluid VC-13-G

Yes, we are covering yet another coolant that is from Genuine. But we can not really help it; they offer stellar antifreeze for the money. And this one offers better performance than the regular coolants that are available in the market.

To begin with, this yellow-colored coolant has a longer lifespan. And the great part is that it is compatible with both diesel and gasoline engines. So, you will not have to worry too much regarding compatibility. As it comes pre-mixed, the replacement or filling process will be smooth as butter too.

Due to the nature of the formula, the coolant is capable of offering an all-year-round antifreeze. That means even if the temperature is exceptionally high or low, the coolant will maintain the optimal temperature inside the engine. It even takes things a step further and offers protection from corrosion and rust.

Both the boiling point and freezing point of the coolant are up to the mark. Due to that, the antifreeze will not freeze or vaporize that easily inside the engine. That means you will not have to worry about freeze-up and cold start issues at all.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lifespan is comparatively high
  • Compatible with gasoline and diesel engines
  • Offers all-year-round antifreeze performance
  • Comes pre-mixed
  • Maintains optimal temperature

8. Havoline Xtended

We are going to wrap up our review section with this offering that is from Havoline. If you were looking for a great pre-mixed offering, keep this one in your consideration.

Unlike some of the other average coolants, this one meets the OEM specifications and exceeds some of the factors. That makes it match the 2011 ford F150 coolant type and the types of other vehicles. In other words, it is highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of Ford models.

The formula can efficiently transfer heat. It does that without even containing that high amount of silicate. And for a higher capability of heat transfer, it will keep the temperature optimal even when the engine is at a comparatively high load.

It also contains 40mg/kg of denatonium benzoate. That will act like a bittering agent and offer maximum protection from harmful elements. The coolant can even offer protection from corrosion and rust.

Highlighted Features:

  • Meets and exceeds OEM specifications
  • Compatible with loads of vehicles
  • Can effective transfer heat
  • Keeps the temperature optimal
  • Has bittering agent

Things to Consider Before Buying Antifreeze for Ford

The review section might have made it easy for you to get a proper antifreeze for Ford. However, it can get easier. But for that, you would need to consider these factors:


There are generally two types of formula. One comes in the pure form, while the other comes in the pre-mixed form. The pure form will only make sense if you have the right water to tone them down. In the other cases, opt for the pre-mixed ones. Those will be ready to use right out of the bottle.


Before jumping into a purchase decision, consider whether the coolant meets the OEM specifications or not. Check the boiling point and the freezing point. Also, consider checking the components of the formula. If the coolant does not meet or exceed the OEM specifications, the engine will not run optimally.


The coolant does not only handle the temperature department. It is also responsible for keeping the cooling system in its best state. However, not all of the options can offer maximum protection. On the other hand, some offer higher overall protection. So, check the protection capability before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Ford F150 coolant capacity?

Answer: The F150 can contain about 2.7 gallons of water and 2.7 gallons of antifreeze. That makes the total capacity up to 5.4 gallons. However, if you were to purchase a pre-mixed coolant, there would be no need to add water to the system. Instead, you need to put 5.4 gallons of that antifreeze directly into the tank.

2. Does the 2017 Ford F150 coolant type match with aftermarket options?

Answer: Not all of the aftermarket options will be able to match the type and specifications of OEM. Some will have lackings in some factors, while others will not only match but also exceed the specifications.

3. Does antifreeze freeze?

Answer: Yes, they do. However, this factor will highly depend on the freezing point of the antifreeze. The lower the point, the better. And the one that has an average freezing point will freeze up exceptionally faster. Also, with those, the engine will show knocking and cold start issues.

4. Can antifreeze boil?

Answer: Again, it will depend on the boiling point of that specific coolant. If it does not have a higher boiling point, it will vaporize when the temperature inside the engine is exceptionally high.

5. Do pre-mixed coolants require diluting?

Answer: Not at all. The pre-mixed options will come in a 50/50 blend, which eliminates the need for mixing. So, you can use them directly.

Final Words

The overabundance of options can surely make it hard for anyone to get the best coolant for Ford F150 and other models. But we can assure you that each of the options we have gone through will offer nothing but high antifreeze performance because we have intensively tested them.

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