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Top 5 Best Weatherstrip Adhesive Reviews in 2023

It is pretty common to see a weatherstrip die down along the way if its adhesion could not stand the rough use.

If you think about it, a weatherstrip will never be able to do its work without a good adhesion. The adhesives are what hold the strips together like a pillar.

But there are so many products out there- each having its own merits. So how can you choose the best weatherstrip adhesive for yourself? First, it needs to have good bonding strength and durability.

To help you find the top product, we’ve reviewed some of the best ones out there. They are all easy to apply and will help seal your voids with maximum efficiency.

Check out the reviews below:

Things to Consider Before Buying Weatherstrip Adhesive

Weatherstrip adhesives are potent agents that protect your weatherstrip from damage. They make sure your room is sealed at the proper places for a long time without any hindrance.

But how would you know which adhesive is the best? There are so many brands, so many kinds in the market. So how do you choose one?

Worry not, as we are here to solve that problem. However, seeing so many kinds of products altogether can be overwhelming.

You might get confused since everything looks good, and all the adhesives say they’ll do the work. But to choose the one perfect for your needs, there are some factors to consider. Check it out below:

1. Color

Even though colors don’t affect the quality, they do affect the outlook. Most glues made for weatherstripping adhesion are black, but some products are orange or yellow.

If you’re applying the glue to your car, most of the time, the surface where the strip goes is dark in color.

Hence, black glue helps cover-up as even if the glue squishes out or the strip comes off, it will not be too noticeable.

But if you are applying the adhesion to a brighter surface, you might consider getting the orange color for a better outlook.

2. How Fast It Dries

Now, this is a crucial factor to keep in mind. Nobody likes an adhesive that takes an extremely long time to dry up.

Imagine holding on to your strip to the walls for hours just because the glue still hasn’t dried. Everybody has a life and other work to do. So, the quicker the job gets done, the better we’re utilizing time.

Therefore, always buy a product that has a decent amount of drying time. It can’t be too short since you’ll need time to set the strip, but it shouldn’t be too long either. If needed, research and see which product is the most efficient in this case.

3. Quantity

How much adhesive you’ll buy sounds trivial, but this is a matter of both saving your money and not wasting anything.

If you need a bond for only one-time use or gluing only a tiny space, getting a big-sized adhesive would be a waste. You’ll be spending extra money for nothing, and the tube will sit in the junk.

That’s why always buy products knowing how much you need. For example, if you want to seal an entire wall, you’ll need a bigger tube. But if you’re going to glue only a small part of your trunk, the 2 fl. Oz should do the work.

4. Water and Heat Resistance

The primary purpose of buying a weatherstrip is to protect your space from rain, dust, and heat. So, naturally, you will be placing the strip in such a space to come in contact with heat or water regularly.

Therefore, an adhesion that is resistant to these factors is critical. If it cannot withstand some heat, the strip will come off right away.

5 Best Weatherstrip Adhesive Reviews

With so many kinds of adhesives out there, sometimes it might confuse you choosing what to buy. To help decide, we have reviewed some of the best products below:

1. 3M Black Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive, 08008

When it comes to adhesives, 3M is always been one of the most notable brands. Their sealants prove to be strong, efficient, and long-lasting.

Likewise, the weatherstrips come with 5 fl. oz adhesion agents that come in black color. These fluids are water-resistant, and they can overcome all the vibration and shaking your vehicle goes through.

Besides, no oil, detergent, or weather change can cause any harm to the adhesion once applied.

This product is also suitable to use on a variety of surfaces like gaskets, metals, fabrics, etc. It flows very smoothly out of the tube, and you can spread it out swiftly with a brush.

Once set, you will get an extremely tight bond with your weatherstrip, which in return will seal your doors tight.

Highlighted features:

  • 5 fl. Oz in one pack
  • Gasket and vinyl friendly
  • Waterproof
  • No harm from weather change
  • Solvent and detergent resistant

 2. Permatex 81850 Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive

It’s prevalent to see weatherstrips come off now and then, leaving your energy bills super high. Why does this happen? Due to the lack of suitable sealants.

The stylish adhesive from Permatex will give your door’s weather stripping a boost as they tightly seal every void.

It can tolerate high temperatures and has the power to resist most fuels and solvents. You can use this fluid close to the engine, and the heat will not affect it as long as you let it dry properly.

Each pack of this product contains 5 oz worth of adhesive, and it is suitable for most rubber and metal adhesion. You can apply it on vinyl surfaces and trunk moldings as well. Moreover, this is also a gasket adhesive.

Highlighted features:

  • Requires minimum cleanup
  • High temperature friendly
  • Holds airtight seals
  • It can be applied to gaskets, vinyl, and metal
  • Resists solvents and fuels

3. Loctite 495541 Black Weatherstrip Adhesive Tube

It is tough to deal with the rubber when it comes to door work. But with a weatherstripping adhesive, this job is done in minutes.

The Loctite weatherstrip adhesive is a 5 fl. Oz product that is perfect for automotive strips. It has a high resistance to most solvents and can withstand gasoline.

You can use it anywhere, starting from headliners to carpeting vans. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about being careful every time you use the glue as this product dries fast.

You can trust this glue in all types of weather as it can handle all temperatures. But be mindful of the color of the bond since it is black.

Ensure you are not overapplying the fluid, resulting in it squeezing out and ruining your décor. Every bead of adhesive gives high performance in this product.

Highlighted features:

  • Strong bonds
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • Resistive to antifreeze and kerosene
  • It has several kinds of uses apart from the weatherstrip application
  • Dries quick; fast results

4.  Permatex 80638 Super Weatherstrip Adhesive

If you are looking for sealant with a lesser quantity, this product from Permatex should be your choice.

Each tube has 2 fl—Oz worth of adhesive. The best thing about this product is you can reposition it even post-installation.

No water can ruin its quality as this agent is entirely water-resistant. You can also use it anywhere in your vehicle since the product can tolerate extreme heat and weather.

Like most products we’ve reviewed, this one is also unaffected by any solvents or fuels. It is a shade of yellow, and the fluid dries very quickly. You can use it in your house, car- anywhere you want!

Highlighted features:

  • Household friendly
  • High temperature suitable
  • Water has no effect
  • Yellow/amber in color
  • Allows repositioning after application

5. YFXcreate Indoor Weather Stripping Self Adhesive

Get a weatherstrip and then spend your day using an adhesive to attach the strip- sounds tedious much, huh? Imagine having a weatherstrip that would have the adhesive already applied to it!

Bringing a little diversity to our list, YFXCreate has brought the weatherstrips perfect for your doors, windows, and auto body applications.

It comes with double seals of dimensions 9mm x 6mm x 5m long. The 32 ft long strips have adhesion tape on them that you have to tear off while installing the product.

Furthermore, the adhesion will give auto weatherstripping to your area, protecting it from all sorts of dust, noise, weather, and impact. They will firmly keep the weatherstrips stick to the surface for a long time.

Highlighted feature:

  • 32 ft long
  • A cure time of 12 hours
  • Easy installation with adhesion strips
  • Suitable for doors and windows
  • Weather, sound, and dust resistant

Comparison Table of Top 3 Weatherstrip Adhesives

NameSize Weight (fl. Oz)WaterproofMaterial SuitabilityColor
3M Black Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive, 080088 x 2.2 x 1.6 inches5YesMetal, Vinyl, Rubber, FabricBlack
Permatex 81850 Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive‎1.56 x 2 x 8 inches5YesCut gaskets, Vinyl tops, headliners, trunk moldingsBlack
Permatex 80638 Super Weatherstrip Adhesive1 x 3.81 x 8 inches2YesRubber, Metal, vinyl upholsteryYes

How Do You Apply Weatherstrip Adhesive?

Weatherstrips are generally used to prevent outside air from getting into an enclosed space through hairline cracks.

They are long rope-like equipment that is usually entirely made with rubber. People also use it to protect their houses from rough weather and dust. The rubber strips completely seal an area and do not let outside particles get in.

You ever wonder how when you’re in the car with the air conditioning on, how does outside air not get in? It’s thanks to weatherstrips!

But how do you install these strips? Adhesives specially made just for this purpose are generally used to install these rubber strips.

These protective strips can very quickly come off if you don’t stick them properly. In addition, weather, heat, rain, etc., affect these areas, which makes the strip come off if not given adhesion right.

That’s why it’s vital to use a strong bonding, durable, and professional adhesive to apply your weatherstrip.

Now, applying this fluid is pretty easy. As much as it looks like a toothpaste tube, it works like one as well. Instead of going through a giant list of instructions, we’ve made the application a shorter process for you. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Cleaning up

Whether you’re re-installing an old weatherstrip or fitting a new one, cleaning up the area is an important step.

Measure your strip area length and mark it. Now, clean that space up with a sponge or piece of cloth. Finally, you can use an abrasive to remove previous glue or molding stuck on the plane.

If you’re installing weatherstripping to metal, you must scrap out all the rust in that area if there is any. Clean out other possible contaminants as well.

Step 2: Get Your Equipment

To apply this kind of adhesives, you can either use special brushes or just a plastic disposable knife. Again, it’s nothing fancy of a process.

But whatever you choose, make sure you’re confident in it. Nonetheless, that’s the only equipment you need to apply a weatherstrip adhesive.

Step 3: Apply the Paste

Usually, for products like this- the more, the merrier. But in the case of weatherstripping adhesion, you want the minimal amount of layer applied on your surface.

Otherwise, when you place the rubber, the glue will squish out, and it’ll look both ugly and messy.

Go back to the steps and apply a thin layer of glue on your surface directly from the tube. Spread it out with the knife evenly on your required area.

While that bead dries out a bit, apply a fresh bead of glue to your weatherstrip. You can use a second bead to the surface as well after this, but that’s optional.

Moving on, when the beads have dried out for about 60 seconds and showing viscousness, attach the rubber to the surface.

Make sure you have straightened the rubber strip as they’re usually a bit curved. And voila! The weatherstrip should stick like it was never separate!

We waited for the glue to dry out a bit because completely wet glue can cause the strip to slip out. If the adhesive becomes tacky, they stick better.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

1. Can I use black silicone instead of a weatherstrip adhesive?

Answer: No, to install weatherstrips, only the weatherstrip adhesives can be used. Any other kind of adhesive will not be able to stick to this kind of material and will not be durable enough.

It is a common misunderstanding that different kinds of adhesion can work on weatherstrips.

2. In terms of Permatex vs. 3m weatherstrip adhesive, which one is better?

Answer: Both these adhesion agents are great, depending on the use. If you’re looking for heavy use and less drying time, 3m is a great choice.

For minimal use, Permatex will do excellent work. In terms of adhesion, both products are efficient.

3. What color is the Permatex adhesive?

Answer: This brand makes the adhesive in both orange and black

4. How long does Permatex Super weatherstrip adhesive take to dry?

Answer: 3m weatherstrip adhesive clear dries in a few minutes. Its full bond strength comes in around 2 hours at a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and it completely cures within 24 hours.

5. How do I seal a gap between my door and frame?

Answer: To seal gaps, use weatherstrips of appropriate dimensions. Stick it to your door for a proper length, and you’ll be able to block any external air from entering.

6. Do weatherstrips always need additional adhesion?

Answer: No, some weatherstrips have their adhesives pre-applied on the body. For these kinds, you do not have to use additional glue.

Final Words

We don’t realize it, but weatherstrips are an everyday need in our life. We use it everywhere, starting from our homes to cars.

They give the perfect protection from shallow water, dust, and pollutants. However, to make a good weatherstrip last, it needs a good adhesion.

Harsh temperatures and long-term use can rip off weatherstrips from their place very quickly. However, a strong adhesive can change this fact.

It can take your weatherstrip through all storms and still stand sturdier than ever. The best weatherstrip adhesive will take only a few minutes to install. On the other hand, a lousy adhesive can take hours to apply with a mess in your hands.

That’s why, to make your search easier, we reviewed some of the most excellent products in the market. We hope you can choose the one that suits your use perfectly.

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