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5 Best Antifreeze Coolant for Toyota Tacoma, Tundra & Others

It goes without saying that the engine will not offer optimal performance if the coolant is not proper. And do not think that we are stating that out of nowhere. Speaking from experience, when we tried to replace the stock coolant of our Toyota, we ended up with something that made the engine overheat quickly.

As you know, when the engine overheats, not only do the components get damaged, but the overall performance degrades substantially. That is when we decided to opt for the best antifreeze for Toyota.

However, getting that was not easy. We were baffled by the number of options available in the market. But you will not have to worry about that hassle because we will make the choosing process a piece of cake for you through this article!

What Kind of Coolant Does Toyota Use?

When it comes to the type of coolant, there are generally two for Toyota. The first one is the pink type, which is ideal for vehicles with an aluminum radiator. However, it is certainly possible to use the other kind, red, on those vehicles. But you do have to consider some factors in that case.

That being said, as we mentioned, the other type of coolant is the red type. Toyota red coolant is the one that most of the new cars of Toyota will come with. In comparison, the pink ones do not need mixing, while the red ones do. You would need to mix water with it.

Furthermore, the red kind of coolant will also be good for the long run. Those last long and do not require frequent replacements.

5 Best Coolant for Toyota Reviews

The broad range of available options in the market made it hard for us to get a good-performing coolant. However, after doing loads of research and carrying out intensive tests, we did manage to seclude the high-performance ones from the regular coolants. And the high-performance ones are as follows:

1. Genuine Toyota Parts 00272-1LLAC-01

Getting manufacturer assured parts and liquids offers the peace of mind that what you are getting is right for your vehicle. And the first coolant that we have is precisely that.

Unlike some of the other coolants out there, this one is vehicle-specific. That means it will only be ideal for specific models of Toyota. And due to that specification, it is probably one of the best Antifreeze Coolants for Toyota Tundra and Tacoma.

On that note, this coolant has gone through the quality assurance program of Toyota. It met and exceeded all of the OEM specifications, which tells a lot about its performance. It can pump the most out of the engine without overheating it during extreme loads.

Furthermore, this Toyota Tundra coolant also holds the ability to eliminate the chances of engine freeze-ups. That will lower the possibility of cold starts and engine knocking issues during the harshest winter days. Due to its specification, you can even use this antifreeze for Toyota FJ Cruiser. Yes, it is that versatile.

Highlighted Features

  • Manufacturer assured
  • Met and exceeded the OEM specifications
  • Ensure optimal engine temperatures
  • Lowers the chances of freeze-ups
  • Mitigates the knocking issues

2. Zerex Asian Vehicle Red

On the lookout for a Toyota red coolant equivalent coolant? Look no further because we have scoured out the one that you were looking for all this time.

Even though this is an aftermarket coolant, it has a unique formula that replaces the OEM fluids correctly. Due to the blend’s versatility, this one will not only be ideal for Tacoma, but you can even use this antifreeze for Toyota RAV4. And this red antifreeze can even be used as a coolant for Toyota Camry.

Apart from being versatile, the formula does not contain any borate or silicate. That makes it capable of offering protection from all types of rust and corrosion. The blend can even protect the metals of the cooling system and enhance their overall lifespan.

Talking of lifespan, as it integrates Hybrid Organic Acid Technology, it can last for five years. In other words, you can expect this one to offer optimal performance for 150 thousand miles. Now that is something that Toyota Super Long Life Coolant can not even provide.

There are other types of Zerex coolants. The premix versions of green 50/50 prediluted ready which is compatible with dodge ram and the phosphate Free 50/50 prediluted ready is a good option for BMW owners. If you want a silicate-free coolant you can use Zerex DEX-COOL, we recommend using this on Range Rover.

Highlighted Features

  • Does not contain silicate or borate
  • Integrates Hybrid Organic Acid Technology
  • Can last for at least five years
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Protects the metals of the cooling system

3. Genuine 00272 SLLC2 Engine

While looking for the best coolant for Toyota, you might want to get something that contains a bittering agent. Well, in that case, consider this option that is from Genuine.

The first thing that makes this one the best antifreeze for Toyota Tacoma is that it does not require any core charge. That means you will be capable of putting this directly into the engine. There will be no need to go through the hassle of adding anything extra.

Furthermore, this coolant contains a bittering agent. That will ensure that the cap and the seal are properly lubricated. And when those two are properly lubricated, you will not have to pull too hard to get access to the coolant tank. It will basically make the refilling and replacement task easier.

Each of the containers will come with 9.34 pounds of coolant. And that amount will be enough for a refill on the Tacoma. However, the models with a higher capacity tank, for example, 4Runner, might require multiple of these bottles.

Highlighted Features

  • Does not require a core charge
  • Has an easy replacement process
  • Contains bittering agent
  • Capable of lubricating the seals
  • Each of the bottles come with 9.34 pounds

4. Toyota – Antifreeze 00272-1LLAC

Another vehicle-specific coolant from the manufacturer Toyota is this one that we are going to look at. And unlike some of the other Toyota coolants, this one can adequately enhance the vehicle’s performance. To know all about it, you would want to go through the entire review.

First of all, this Toyota antifreeze coolant has gone through the quality assurance tests Toyota. There it did not only meet the OEM specification but also surpassed a lot of the factors. It can keep the temperature in the optimal state. And even when the engine is in extreme load, this coolant will ensure it does not fluctuate.

Moreover, it can offer a high amount of protection. It will make sure that no rust and corrosion build up inside the vehicle. Also, it will lower the chances of gunk getting built up. And that will ensure that you do not have to opt for maintenance that much.

In addition to that, the coolant holds the ability to eliminate freeze-up issues. So, even when the temperature is exceptionally low, the engine will not show any cold start issues.

Highlighted Features

  • Went through the quality tests of Toyota
  • Met OEM specifications
  • Can keep the temperature optimal
  • Offers high protection
  • Eliminates the chances of freeze-ups


If you are on the lookout for a highly versatile coolant for Toyota, then you might want to check what PEAK is offering here. It is not only compatible as a coolant for Toyota Camry but also the other models as well.

Unlike some of the other coolants, this one is highly versatile. That means it will work as an antifreeze for Toyota FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Tacoma, and other models. And the best part is that you will not have to do any modification to make this one work as an antifreeze for Toyota 4Runner or any other model.

Talking of modifications, it comes in a pre-diluted form. That means the coolant is already mixed and ready to be used. And this 50/50 blend has a comparatively higher boiling point. That will ensure that the coolant does not vaporize during the extreme pressure points.

Additionally, it has a freezing point of -34 degrees. So, if you want to use it as an antifreeze for Toyota Avalon in cold temperatures, you will not face any issues or notice the engine making cold starts.

Highlighted Features

  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Comes pre-diluted
  • Does not require any mixing
  • Stays unvaporized in the extreme pressure points
  • Has a respectable freezing point temperature

Things to Consider Before Buying Antifreeze for Toyota

Wondering how we managed to find the good-performance coolants? Well, apart from just comparing the options, we have kept these crucial factors in mind:


The first thing that you need to consider is the specifications. It either has to meet the OEM specifications or should exceed the specifications. If it has that trait, it will be able to stock or better than stock performance.

However, if you end up getting something that sub-par in terms of specifications, the coolant might perform worse than the stock. So, you need to ensure that the coolant that you are getting meets or exceeds the specifications of OEM.


There are basically two types of blends. One of them is pure, which requires mixing. Even though these tend to offer more value, there is a hassle attached to them. You would need to take an additional step and mix them with water to make them usable.

On the other hand, there are the pre-diluted ones. Those will come in a form where you can just pour them into the chamber and forget about it. So, if you are not really up for taking the hassle of mixing the coolant on your own, we would recommend opting for the pre-diluted version.

Freezing Point

If you are living in a cold climate, you need to put proper emphasis on the freezing point of the coolant. Make sure that it can handle the extreme temperatures, or else the engine will show freeze-up issues. Furthermore, there will be chances of cold starts and engine knocking sounds as well.

Boiling Point

Just like the freezing point, the boiling point is also pretty crucial. Even if you live in a cold climate, the engine’s temperature can get exceptionally high during the higher loads. And when the temperature is incredibly high, the pressure inside will be high too. That will make the coolant vaporize.

For that reason, you should get something that has a higher boiling point. Those will be able to handle extremely high temperatures exceptionally well. Also, you will not have to worry about coolant loss, nor will you need to refill the tank that often.


The coolant does not only ensure that the engine stays at the optimal temperature, but it also protects the engine from harmful elements too. And if you get a coolant that does not offer protection from rust and corrosion, the engine’s lifespan will be pretty short. So, keep this factor in your mind while purchasing a coolant.

Toyota Red Vs Pink Coolant – Which Is Better?

As we have mentioned earlier, there are only two types of coolant compatible with Toyota vehicles. However, when it comes to which one is better, we need to consider a couple of things.

Firstly, the pink coolant uses OAT, which makes it achieve a longer service life. In comparison, the red coolant IAT, which is a bit condensed and conventional method. It is not as long-lasting as the other coolants, but it still lasts longer than the other coolants on the market.

Secondly, the pink versions will usually come in the pre-mixed form. That means you will not have to go through the hassle of mixing the coolant to use it. However, you need to mix the red with coolant water to use it.

Considering these two factors, we can state that pink has a bit of edge over red. But if you want to get condensed and pure coolant, red should be your only option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Toyota Pink coolant a pre-mixed red?

Not really! Toyota pink and Toyota red utilizes two different technology. Pink integrates organic acid technology, which red relies on inorganic acid technology. That makes both achieve different traits. So, no, pink coolant is not a pre-mixed red coolant.

2. What does Toyota pink coolant contain?

Five elements complete the whole formula. The first one is the water, which is basically essential. Then, there are ethyl glycol, diethylene glycol, potassium hydroxide, and sebacic acid. As you can see, there is no inorganic component present in the entire blend.

3. Does Toyota require a special antifreeze?

Each of the brands utilizes a different type of antifreeze. And the case is applicable for Toyota as well.

4. Does antifreeze freeze?

It can freeze, but that will depend on the freezing point of the specific coolant. If it does not have a good freezing rating, it will freeze pretty quickly when the temperature is low.

5. Can antifreeze boil?

Yes, it can boil or vaporize inside the engine. Again, that will depend on the boiling point of a specific coolant.

Final Words

Without getting the best antifreeze for Toyota, you can not really expect the engine to run optimally during extreme loads. And we assure all of the coolants that we have gone over in this article are nothing but that. So, pick the one that suits your need with complete confidence.

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