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Top 5 Best Coolant for Range Rover Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

It goes without saying that the stock performance of Range Rover is stellar. But the engine can surely overheat during extreme loads. And when the engine overheats, the performance fluctuates. That is where the best coolant for Range Rover steps in.

However, the problem is that getting one of those is easier said than done. The overabundance of options makes the choosing process harder than it has to be. Well, that is where we step in.

We experimented a lot regarding the coolants available for Range Rover. And eventually, we managed to find out the ones that actually bumped up the overall performance and let us get the most out of the engine.

What Is the Best Coolant for Range Rover?

First, you might want to know do Range Rovers need special coolant or not. Well, it does. Just like any other vehicle manufacturer, the Range Rover has also developed its own coolant. And the available aftermarket options must meet or exceed the criteria or specifications to be compatible with Range Rover.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the best coolant for Range Rover Velar or any other Range Rover, it must meet the specifications and have a long overall lifespan. If it does not last long, then the user needs to go through the hassle of changing or replacing the coolant every now and then.

Furthermore, for a Land Rover coolant to become worthy of purchasing, it needs to have the capability of making the engine operate at the optimal temperature. Additionally, the coolant must be capable of protecting the components of the engine and the cooling system.

That being said, we did find plenty of coolants that have these properties. So, if you are looking for good coolants for Range Rover, go through the review segment properly.

Where Does the Coolant Go in a Range Rover Sport?

The Range Rover Sport is probably the most common range rover that is available out there. But the sad part is not everyone really knows where the coolant goes. And this is not something that is only common for the Sport model. Almost all of the models of Range Rover have the coolant tank placed at the same spot.

Now, the coolant tank is under the hood. It will generally be a translucent container that will be of plastic. You will notice that it has markings for low or min and full or max. Those markings are there to make it easier for the user to check the amount of coolant left in their vehicle.

As you might have guessed, that tank is where the coolant is going to go. And like we mentioned, this is applicable not only for the coolant for Range Rover sport but also for the other models. All you need to do is pop open the hood, find the plastic and translucent container, and fill it up with the coolant of your choice.

Our 5 Best Coolant for Range Rover Reviews

After hundreds of hours of testing and riding with new coolants on our Range Rover, we concluded that these are the options that actually offers the up to the mark antifreeze performance:

1. Land RoverGenuine OEM

As we have mentioned earlier, Range Rover has their own lineup of coolants. And among all of the available options, this one stood out the most.

To start with, it has the OEM Range Rover coolant color, which is orange. That means you can easily mix this one up with the stock coolant that came with your car. As it comes in the purest form, as in not pre-mixed, you can get a good yield out of a single bottle. All you need to do is mix distilled water with it.

The coolant also holds all the abilities that the best coolant for Range Rover should have. Firstly, it can keep the temperature checked even during the highest loads. Also, both the boiling and freezing point of the antifreeze is at a respectable point.

It can effectively protect the cooling system parts of the engine too. The coolant will ensure that there is a reasonably low amount of deposits. And it can keep the parts safe from getting corroded and rusted.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has the same OEM orange color
  • Comes in the purest form
  • Keeps the temperature optimal
  • Lowers the number of deposits
  • Can keep the parts from getting corroded and rusted

2. Mopar 50/50 Premixed

You might have already heard about the brand Mopar. They are one of the top-rated suppliers when it comes to coolants. And this one is a great pick for the best coolant for Land Rover Discover 2 or any other Range Rover.

Just like the label states, it comes in the pre-mixed form. Even though that means you will not be getting the purest form of coolant, it eliminates the hassle of going through the mixing process. That means you can use it directly on your engine after taking the lid off.

The coolant has a substantially high lifespan. Thanks to the unique formula, it can last for at least ten years of 150 thousand miles. And it will offer a consistent performance throughout its entire lifespan. You will not even have to go through the hassle of frequently changing the coolant due to that lifespan.

This formula can also adequately keep the engine cool during extreme loads. So, it will be possible to get the most out of your Range Rover. Also, it has a praiseworthy freezing point.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in the pre-mixed form
  • Compatible with most of the Range Rovers
  • Has a high lifespan
  • Offers consistent cooling performance
  • Freezing point is praiseworthy

3. Zerex DEX-COOL Organic Acid

Another brand that is popular for how good its offerings are is Zerex. And this Land Rover coolant that they are offering can properly illustrate how good their offerings actually are.

First of all, it is approved by the manufacturer as it passes and meets the OEM specifications. This coolant does not contain any silicate, nitrates, borates,  amines, nitrites, and phosphates. That increases the overall purity of the liquid and makes it capable of offering optimal overall performance.

The service life of the coolant is up to the mark too. Even if you put your Range Rover under extreme stress, you can expect this coolant to operate optimally for at least 5 years. Also, the performance will remain consistent in the first 150 thousand miles.

After you properly dilute the antifreeze, it will be capable of protecting all of the modern components of the engine. It will also offer a good amount of protection from the summer boiling and winter freezing points.

Highlighted Features:

  • Meets and exceeds the OEM specifications
  • Does not have any borates, amines, or other mixtures
  • Long-lasting
  • Can protect the engine from damages
  • Offers protection from extreme weather conditions

4. PEAK PXAB53 Antifreeze Coolant

When it comes to offering good value for the money, PEAK is among the very peak of the list. So, whenever you see Range Rover coolant level low, consider getting this one.

But the real question is, what makes it so worthy of getting? Well, to start with, it comes in a pre-diluted form. That means you can put this one directly inside the coolant container without having to go through the hassle of mixing any diluted water into the formula.

That is not all; it has a higher lifespan as well. It will last for at least five years, which is not that small amount of time. Also, it will be compatible with all of the Range Rovers, thanks to the nature of the formula. And the brand has opted for high-quality elements for the blend.

This coolant can also offer a good amount of protection. The formula will be capable of protecting the crucial parts of the engine from rust and corrosion. And the number of deposits will be considerably low while the engine has this formula inside.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ships in a pre-diluted form
  • Has a considerably higher lifespan
  • Compatible with multiple models
  • Provides a high amount of protection
  • Keeps rusts and corrosions away

5. Prestone Original AF2000/C

While looking for a good-performing coolant, you might want to get something that has a patented formula. In that case, keep this offering that is from Preston on your consideration list.

This one has a patented formula. And the first thing that makes it better than the other average formula is the performance. The antifreeze performance will remain all-time high during its entire lifespan. Also, it does not contain any borate, nitrate, phosphate, or silicates.

The formula’s ability to offer protection from extreme temperatures is highly praiseworthy. It even excels in terms of keeping rust and corrosion off the cooling system. And the lifespan of the coolant is reasonably higher than the regular antifreeze. It can last for 10 years or for 300 thousand miles.

Talking of which, in that 10 years, the engine will not show any signs of overheating or freeze-ups. It can even eliminate the knocking issues that some engines show from time to time.

Highlighted Featured:

  • Utilizes a patented formula
  • Offers a higher degree of performance
  • Has a 10 years lifespan
  • Eliminates rusts and corrosions
  • Efficiently Keeps the engine from overheating

How Do You Fix a Low Coolant Level on a Range Rover?

Before we explain how to fix the issue, we would like to ensure you know what does coolant level low mean on Range Rover. Well, it is basically a message that will light up in your dashboard. And this will light up only when the coolant level is exceptionally low.

Now that you know what this indicator means let us go over the process to fix it. And the steps that you would need to follow are:

Step 1: Manually Check the Coolant Level

Pop open the hood and locate the coolant tank. It is the translucent and plastic tank that should be clearly noticeable when you open the hood. Check the side, and you should find a line that states “Cold Fill Range.”  It basically states that the coolant level should be in that range when the engine is cooled down.

Now, if the Level is well within that range and the indicator is still lighting up, the sensor might be faulty. Another thing that might be causing this is the loosely connected or shorted engine wiring harness. We would recommend paying a visit to the mechanic if you find yourself in such a situation.

Step 2: Prepare the New Coolant

If you have got yourself a pre-mixed antifreeze, then you can skip this step entirely. However, if the coolant is not pre-mixed, you need to mix it at a 1:1 ratio with diluted water. You might want to get a separate container for this.

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Step 3: Fill up the Container up to the Level

Before you attempt to fill up the container, ensure that the engine is cool. Park your car and leave it for at least half an hour. Once the engine has cooled down, open the lid of the container and start filling the coolant. Fill it slightly above the Cold Fill Range. Do not fill higher than because it might cause pressure build-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What color of coolant does Range Rover use?

Answer: The color does not really matter. As long as the specifications are all good, Range Rovers can run on coolant of any color.

2. How much does it cost to change the coolant of a Range Rover?

Answer: You would need to spend around $200 to change the coolant. However, if you do it by yourself, it can be anywhere around $160.

3. Do Range Rovers special coolant?

Answer: Like any other vehicle, Range Rovers require coolants that meet specific criteria. So, in that sense, yes, Range Rovers do require special coolant.

4. What does a low coolant level mean on a Range Rover?

Answer: It means that something is wrong with the amount of coolant inside the tank or the sensor. Do not take it lightly. Instead, do a quick check-up or head towards the nearest mechanic shop.

5. Can I drive a Range Rover on a low coolant level?

Answer: No! You should not drive the Range Rover on a low coolant level. It will damage the engine and the internals.

Final Words

Range Rovers can reach their potential only when running with the best coolant for Range Rover. And we hope that we have made the choosing procedure feel like taking a walk in the park for you through this article. However, when you are choosing one, do ensure that it meets or exceeds the specifications of OEM.

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