Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List

13 Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List – You Must Know

As we all know that, car repairing at any garage station is very extravagant. But having a massive collection of vehicle appliances make your task a lot easier. 

With a basic knowledge and the right array of equipment, you can block and tackle any car-associated threats without spending much of your money all at once. Moreover, a list of car repairing gadgets can save your precious time as well.

Today, I will show you the 13 Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List, which makes your car mending job easy and fruitful, because I believe, with the exact amount of tools, you can save your vehicle from any destructions later on for sure.

Our Top Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List

1. Impact Wrench

If you want to change your automobile tires, then an impact wrench will be one of the most valuable tools for you. It will help you detach the rust-covered nuts or tighten screws easily from your automobile’s tires. You can also perfectly secure the lug nuts or bolts with the help of your impact wrench. 

Among all the types, a battery-charged impact gun is all you need. Such kind of impact wrench comes with high portable factor.

You can easily carry the tool to release or strengthen any heavy bolts without much of your stress. 

It will be very convenient for you because it doesn’t need extra ranged power to do its task rather it gives you faster results.

2. Automotive Stethoscope 

Are you looking for blurred noises or vague sounds that your car does due to some mechanical damages? Then the mechanic’s stethoscope will assist you in finding out the reasons behind those threats and help you settle down the issues.

An automotive stethoscope is a systematic process to pin down your car engine’s problems such as damage in a rubbing shaft or air hose leakage and optimize your precious hours and money.

So, to troubleshoot these complex-sounding issues of your car engine and make it more long-lasting, the use of a mechanic’s stethoscope is indispensable. 

3. Hammer

To mend any shape of your car parts or exert excess pressure from outside to eliminate something, keeping a hammer is vital in your garage tools list. With the help of a hammer, you can manage your exertion at any time of your work. 

Using a hammer, you can easily do some of your automotive restoration tasks, such as suspension fixing or working with your car brakes or sealing seat arrangements, or assembling engine-related threats with fewer efforts

A traditional hammer is convenient when it comes with a rubber gripping, whereas a dead-blow hammer is a bit heavy to carry but helps you reduce any errors while working with your vehicle.

4. Socket and Ratchet Sets

While changing your car wheels or supplanting engine oil’s chamber, you may find it cumbersome to pull out those tricky nuts or screws from there. In these cases, sockets and ratchet sets are very handy for you. 

A specific size socket helps you easily to block or unblock specific types of nuts or bolts. You can overcome any unfamiliar circumstances by using those extensive sizes of sockets from your socket set. You can be done your job precisely without hesitation. 

This set has extension bars and slim ratchet handles and contains deep sockets to ease your task. In your socket and ratchet set, all of these items are perfectly accessible. 

5. Spark Plug Boot Pliers 

It isn’t easy to hold on to the ignited coils with your regular pliers. It doesn’t give you any protection; instead, you can tear up the wires and destroy their material as well. 

So having the spark plug pliers in your listed toolbox is essential. To keep yourself away from any kind of hazards, it is necessary to have spark plug pliers in your garage.

You can easily attain a safe grip on that ignition boot and sparking wires by causing no harm. And it can also save you and your vehicle from any big calamities. So, don’t forget to keep this equipment in your garage appliances catalog. 

6. Angle Grinder

If you are a professional or starter mechanic, then an electric or angle grinder will be your perfect choice of tools. You can use the metal saw for cutting metal works, but the power grinder will make your result more fruitful. 

Angle grinder assists you to erase any hard paintings or strong blemish and provides a shellacked look on metal, such as giving a shiny appearance by removing rust from your vehicle wheels. 

Moreover, Angle grinder can save your hours and reduce your efforts. If you want to cut the metal into various diameters with relative ease, then you should keep this powder grinding machine as yours. Go to the car repairing tools list for sure.

7. Brake Degreasers and Spray Cleaners

Cleaning brakes is an important task for every level of mechanics. While changing oil, you will see your car brakes are started gathering mess. For which reason your brakes won’t able to do their job perfectly.

To discard those undesirable grimes which is encompassing the brakes, you need to have a potential degreaser. If you clean up your brakes with an effective cleanser regularly, you can keep your brakes secure from any spoilage.

Moreover, you can able to increase its life expectancy. With spray cleaners, you erase the mess effortlessly around the screws or bolts, thus improving their flexibility. You can easily lower the brake-related hazards due to those potential contaminants.

8. Battery Carrier

When you need to take out your heavy car batteries from your vehicle engine it is necessary and safe to use an automobile battery holder. Sometimes, old battery cells are located very tightly in their position, and you may find it difficult to get it out of your engine.

But with this equipment, you can take them out comfortably and carry them wherever you want to put them in. In addition to that, you can use the battery carrier to load a new automotive battery cell in your car as well. 

9. Hydraulic Jack

This equipment should be in your parking space because it will make a smooth the way for uplifting your automobile to a definite height so that you can get enough space to do your maintenance work underneath your vehicle.  

With the help of a hydraulic jack, you can further down your car in a secured manner to avoid any harmful effects on your vehicle. Such kind of trolley jack is high in portability and you can find ease while using it.

It is a must that you should strictly follow the manual while lifting your car and do check the trolley jack’s weight lifting capacity to avoid hazards. 

10. A Pressure Washer

If you want to hose down your automobile, using a pressure washer is the most favorable equipment you can ever have. A pressure cleaner can improve the standard of your car wash. 

Here you can manage the level of water pressure based on the level of your task. When your car has a strong mess or impurities, you have to use high-range pressure to unfasten those toxins. 

Cleaning your car using such kind of equipment is worthy enough. The process is very systemic, if you know its mechanism of action correctly, you can save your hours and spend a tiny amount of time cleaning your car effectively. Moreover, a pressure washer uses less amount of water which seems environment-friendly for you. 

11. Biodegradable Gloves 

It is essential to keep at least a carton of disposable gloves in your parking area. During the car sustaining process, your skin comes in contact with many hazardous chemicals. The automotive chemical substance can severely damage your skin. 

So, to avoid skin-damaging, it is highly suggested that you should use disposable gloves for proper protection. It can easily neglect any risks associated with harmful substances. 

Furthermore, do buy gloves which are rich in standard and durable. You should feel comfortable while wearing it, and it should be cost-saving. 

12. Automotive Multimeter

A multimeter is the most functional tool utilized by car restoring professionals as well as by DIYers. You can use a multimeter to check the level of electrical conduction and resistance of different electrical parts of your vehicle. 

You can also test your car cell charge, fuel tank, ignition coils, and so on. Multimeter helps you to get a proper reading of your car components. 

You can easily inspect the proper flow of current or scrutinize any sparking wires. You can save your automobile from any calamities if you own a good-quality multimeter. With an accurate range of reading, you can ensure your security. 

13. Headlamp or Torch

You often have to deal with darker space in your vehicle, and you may find it challenging to do your restoring work there due to lack of searchlight. So, a headlamp can be your go-to-tools. 

You may fall into big traps even can damage some sensitive parts of your car due to mishandling and inadequate source of light. 

Headlamp helps you concentrate on sensitive spots by providing more lights to that area, and thus you can avoid errors while working. Moreover, you can wear it on your head, and you can recharge it according to your need. 

 Final Words

When you have proper automotive restoring accessories, it will make your fixing chores trouble-free. As you have piled up a series of 13 Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List, you can fix your car at any level, stress-free, and in a sound manner.

Sometimes, you hire uncertified professionals by giving them a big budget to fix your superficial car damages and end up endangering your automobile largely.

Trust me; if you keep this fistful of auto mechanic kits in your parking space, you can easily avoid such kinds of impairments. With these varieties of tools, you can do your car servicing by yourself efficiently and accomplish your task auspiciously at the end. 

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